Giving Up The Hunt

The playing field down here is dramatically different than in Vegas. Whereas I thought Vegas was bad and I was looking forward to it being better, it’s worse. We’ve met three couples now and it was either we both were not interested or one of us wasn’t at least. At what point do you throw in the towel? How long does a hunter stay in the woods not catching a damn thing before he goes home? Same question for a fisherman? I know….that doesn’t mean the next time they’re out, they won’t find good game. But we aren’t finding good game.  And nor are we even finding a lot. So the ones we do catch, we end up throwing back, uninterested. Papa has brought it up recently. Why do we even play? The fantasy is so much better than the reality. Like He mentioned, I’ll be the one who most likely suffers more, not having pussy to eat. But the sex with Papa is so amazing…do I really need pussy? 

The couple we met most recently….I was incredibly disappointed. The pics they sent over weren’t bad at all. I thought she was really cute. He wasn’t bad, they seemed all rearing to go. She was certainly into playing with girls, having only had one experience before and eager for more. We made plans to meet…and went. When we got there, I was astounded. I thought he brought a different girl with him. This couldn’t possibly be the same one as in the pictures? The filter or the angle or a combination of both was extremely misleading. She was cute in her pics, in person….not so much. Like a lot not so much. As I said, she looked like a different person. I’m sure Papa is tired of hearing it….but I can’t get past it just yet. Then there was him. He was short. Like 5’3 short. Or shorter, not sure. He had little hands…Papa couldn’t get over the guy’s little hands. Reminded us both of Trump. But then he wore this gigantic watch that made his hands look even smaller. We chatted and the evening went ok. She started in about how she isn’t attracted to other men.  Women, yes. But not men. Well, sweetie….then why play with a couple? Where does that leave Papa? What’s the point of *gag* swapping husbands if you don’t find other men attractive? Or maybe you only like oompa loompa men?  As we were walking to the car, Papa let out, “vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, VANILLA!” And quickly got in. That’s our safe word, which we include in playing. In case I need to say no, without saying no. 

I’ve answered countless ads with few responses. I’ve sent out messages with nothing in return. How much longer do I keep going? Do I even have it in me to keep going? I think it’s time to start focusing my attention back on going back to school and the family. ::hanging up the fishing pole in the garage::


5 thoughts on “Giving Up The Hunt

    1. I’m not a big fan of the swinger clubs. I prefer more intimate settings. Also, It’s so up in the air and would be even more disappointing going time and time again for nothing. I have not tried SLS yet….we’re on AFF though

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