Lady Tremaine

Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney movies, the older Disney ones anyway. I don’t know why, she just always has been. I never had a wicked step-mom but I suppose my mother’s insistence on chores and keeping a clean house made me indentify with her a little. I love the mice and all the other animals who try so hard to help Cinderella get to the ball because she deserves a night, one night, of glamour and dancing with the prince. Now, it seems we have a real life Lady Tremaine on our hands..

Recently, I have been hearing from the kids how Stripe is making them do more and more. I have no issues with chores, teaching the kids how to do take care of themselves and keep house.  The kids have been telling me that they make their own meals at the other house, including some dinners. The girls pack their own lunches, which is good practice. I was doing that at 7 and feeding myself breakfast but mostly that was because my parents were on split shifts but dinner they always took care of. But this is where it gets a little hairy. My oldest, who’s 8, bathes the younger kids. That’s borderline, I think. She is also in charge of breaking up fights. Now it’s starting to make sense just why she is so bossy with the younger ones on our weeks, a habit we are trying to help her calm down but it could be a losing battle since half her life she’s in charge of 4 other kids. The part that gets under my skin is what was said. My oldest said she was told by Stripe that she’s sick of the kids treating her like a slave and they can take care of themselves. WTF? Then why is she a mother?? Why did she marry Red and agree to take on 3 step-daughters when she can’t and doesn’t want to have that much responsibility? The 4 year olds will be 5 in the next couple of months, they are growing up BUT nowhere near able to care for themselves. I gently prodded and asked what Stripe does while the kids are taking care of themselves? Take care of the baby. The Spawn is a year old. She’s not breast-feeding anymore. She doesn’t need CONSTANT care. Stripe doesn’t work. Yes, she has an additional baby but again, she agreed to taking on this responsibility and is now basically telling the children they’re a burden on her and making them take care of themselves. In addition, she only has them every other week, like us. What is she doing? Can she possibly be this lazy? Seeing an opportunity to create her very own slave so she doesn’t have to do anything. I’m saddened and disappointed. Eventually my oldest will grow and resent her for making her another Cinderella. And the very saddest part of all this….Stripe’s own mother did the exact same thing to her and she resents her mom for it. Now I will have to fight to break this cycle and make sure that my daughter knows she’s more valuable in this world than taking care of kids and/or bearing them. 

Lady Tremaine, the wicked step-mother  we all hated and celebrated when Cinderella overcame her slave-like situation and married her Prince, is in real life practice in our childrens’ lives. But never fear, Mama Bear is here! I may not have a magical wand to turn a pumpkin into a carriage or mice into glorious horses but I have lots of love, kind words and encouragement to raise strong daughters and a strong son, knowing their worth and being able to succeed. 


One thought on “Lady Tremaine

  1. It deleted my post! Lame.

    I am so glad they have you in their lives to make sure they feel strong and loved. Make sure not to speak negatively of the other pair to them and to stay super positive! 🙂

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