I’ve never been a fan of the dentist. Who is? Having braces is what did it for me. Going in every month to have those suckers tightened and the mouth aches that followed turned me off completely. So as an adult, I have not been great about going every six months as is recommended. You would be surprised at how fast time flies in between dentist visits….or lack of. Red isn’t the responsible type (DUH) and didn’t go so it was all too easy for me to fall into that pattern as well. Luckily, we have strong teeth in our family and I haven’t had any cavities….till now. But still, only one. 36 and one cavity. The last visit was four years ago. I do not recommend waiting four years to visit the dentist. The work that had to be done on me wasn’t exactly fun. Two deep cleanings. The right side first and today was my left side. The worst part being injected with numbing agents so half your face is slack and numb, the tongue feeling the weirdest of all. Good thing Papa found a pretty good dentist, all women in that office and they’re really nice. I just don’t handle needles well. The insertion of needles into me causes my adrenaline to spike which makes me dizzy, sweaty and nauseous. Thankfully it passes within a few moments and I’m fine. Now the after effects. My tongue feels like a half-dead piece of meat inside my mouth. Yuck. It’s the weirdest feeling. Now with Papa, the very responsible one, He pushes me to take care of myself. To eat, go to the dentist and doctor, submit my application to go back to school. He nags, but in a good, gentle way. There is no sitting around not doing what you’re supposed to do with this Husband. And yes, I did get the application done and sent in to go back this fall. I’m nervous about how many of my transfer credits they will accept. Here’s to hoping….and trying not to drool on myself.


3 thoughts on “Responsible

  1. too funny. I bite dentists! I won’t tell you how long it’s been … but my daughter is 16 and when I was six months pregnant I had to have 3 wisdom teeth out. no anesthetic… just a pair of dentist pulling out teeth instruments.

    holy cow. have not been back since. p on the other hand is fine with them. when she was six ish she lost her first tooth… but it hurt her so much I panicked. both dentist and daughter nearly wet themselves as I almost passed out as dentist just flicked her tooth and out it popped. I was white as a freshly laundered linen sheet and sweating like I’d been on a 50 mile marathon … she likes the dentist !

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