Sub Poly

I have a BDSM page on my Facebook. It’s a private page and many post questions there seeking advice. One common post I see is how often Doms are poly and either have multiple subs or multiple partners while they demand that their subs be monogamous to them. I try to remain non-judgmental and keep reminding myself that both those lifestyles are best practiced in individual ways,  customized to each person. But it’s even more common than not to see submissives unhappy with this command. Begs the question, how ethical is their poly when they’re using their dominance to force subs to be mono while they fuck and dominate whomever they want? 

I know in our relationship,  Papa would never think of doing this should we choose to go poly again. It’s cruel, in my opinion. It’s like eating candy in front of a child and telling them they can’t have any. It’s emotional warfare. I could not even begin to imagine trusting someone like that. 


2 thoughts on “Sub Poly

  1. Hi,
    You make a very good point, have you posted your opinion in the group? I just realized that facebook has those groups lol they are pretty amazing so far. It would be interesting to see the responses to this.
    Be well.

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