20 Things 

The following is a list of things a man should be doing for his wife each day.  They are good things and can certainly make a difference in one’s day, and certainly in one’s marriage. It’s a good list. I’m thankful to my Papa for doing these things on His own, without having read this list. He’s easy to live with and I appreciate all these little things. 

1. Tell her you love her

2. Show her you love her

3. Pick up after yourself

4. Clean around your sink

5. Iron your own clothes

6. Write her a note

7. Make the bed

8. Don’t complain

9. Read to her

10. Brush your teeth

11. Don’t ask about what needs to be done

12. Put the dishes in the dishwasher

13. Pull in the garage straight

14. Take care of the garbage

15. Lock the doors and turn out the lights

16. Hug her

17. Compliment her

18. Help with the dishes without beING asked

19. Make one of the meal’s

20. Have an incredible conversation each day


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