Little Evolution 

Our D/s seems to have once again evolved, like any healthy relationship, it grows and changes. I’ve fallen into my routines and Papa isn’t able to keep such a close eye on me anymore. We’ve moved away a little from the D/s side and more into the DD/lg relationship. I’m very comfortable with this, enjoying the fact that I’m His little girl and He protects and loves me. 

This also means that our sessions are few and far between. I will admit and Papa knows this, I miss the sessions. I know that all I have to do is ask for one but the thing I miss the most is His desire and passion for wanting to give me a session. I have a difficult time asking for things I want because it makes me feel selfish. I get shy and hope that at some point I just get what I want without having to ask. 

Overall, I’m happy and so is Papa, we’ve talked about it. There are moments where I recognize what I’m missing but I’m ok. Papa is a good Husband and a good Dom. As I said, if I really need something, He is there, kind of like a safety net. Papa will always be there to catch me.


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