Back Here Again

Yes, we’re a little nuts. Yes, it doesn’t seem we can make up our minds…but…

We’re back on the playing field. 

Talking to couples and looking for unicorns.  I wouldn’t say aggressively but definitely chatting and open.

It hasn’t been easy but we met a couple that doesn’t give us the icks. They aren’t overly exciting; she’s new to playing and he says he isn’t but has done porn and played with his exes. She is bi-curious but willing, it seems. I’m not bouncing off the walls to hook up with them but I’ll definitely give it a shot. He claims not to have any insecurities but the bragging and grand-standing speaks different volumes. They’re excited because they think this could be long-term and fabulous. I know better than to get my hopes up like that.  And even then, I’m not sure about that. Only time will tell. 

When we do it, we do it big!

Also have been chatting with a single lady. That I’m a little more excited about. A bi lady who is enthusiastic about women and having fun with both of us. 

We have two dates set up next week with each of those. Let’s see how it all turns out! 


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