A *Real* Unicorn

We had a unicorn over last night. She is funny, flirty, intriguing and fun in the bedroom. We all had a good time!

Mostly….I left the bedroom feeling like I didn’t really need to be there. I understand it, it being new pussy and a new playmate, but I wish it had been a little different. 

Papa says I get like this after a new playmate. Maybe. I feel ridiculous, I hate not being able to just play without any questionable feelings afterwards. Maybe we’re still too new and maybe I’m still too attached. But it’s a double-edged sword because I really do enjoy the flirting, the fantasizing and being able to make the fantasy a reality. Not to mention I get to play with a woman. 

The choices are clear: either we play and I work through my bullshit or we don’t play and I don’t have to worry about my bullshit. 

I choose to play. After all, it does give me the opportunity to work through it and grow, be stronger and more secure with myself and my relationship with Papa. 

But that doesn’t mean I won’t have bad days. Props to Papa for putting up with my bad days. 


3 thoughts on “A *Real* Unicorn

  1. i experience those feelings when D and i play too. i think it’s normal. D has said that i don’t have to play…that W/we could stop whenever i wanted to…but i wonder what would happen if i chose that? You know? Thank you for sharing.

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