Another debate with the ex. After 5 grueling, frustrating months, I finally got the insurance information and found a dentist. My oldest has 4 cavities. Yuck! We made appointments to get them filled. 

In the midst of this, Red is also training for a new job….which means new insurance. Again. The battle to get insurance information starts all over again. Ugh. 

Red’s issue? He doesn’t want our daughter to have metal fillings.  He thinks they look terrible. We got into an argument about it. He would rather wait another 2-3 months to get them filled once his new insurance kicks in than her have metal fillings. Under normal circumstances with a normal ex-husband, I might have been OK with this.  It’s a simple enough request. But with Red, I have absolutely ZERO faith that he will actually get it done.  Or that he will get me the new insurance in a timely manner. I cannot even begin to describe how infuriatingly frustrating this man is. And if I say anything like that, he immediately flips it around and says that’s what I’m doing. 

In the end, I seriously wonder if this actually has anything to do with his concern for our daughter or if it’s simply because she is a reflection on him and metal fillings mean she’s less than perfect therefore visible fillings are unacceptable. 

Thanks to Papa for suggesting that I call the dentist to verify what kind of fillings they actually use, the battle was squashed.  They don’t even use metal fillings.

He exhausts me. I think ahead to all the things coming up regarding our girls and I wonder how am I going to get through it all?  How can we reasonably raise these children when everything seems to be a fight? Papa thinks we’re just going to have to get an attorney on retainer and anytime he’s giving me problems, have the attorney send him a letter with a deadline and statutes that he’s violating by not cooperating. I don’t want to go that route but I no longer think I can avoid it. Red was actually more cooperative when he wasn’t working because he was probably scared of conflict. Now he’s back working and the conflict is back with it. I’m already tired and I have 13 years to go.


2 thoughts on “Again

  1. Amalgam or metal fillings actually have mercury in them, and most dentists don’t do them anymore.
    It’s not just about looks, although the composite are more cosmetic 😀

    But as to the ex… sorry 😐

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  2. I have yet to have a cavity filled and Papa’s little ones had theirs capped last year with silver caps. This is all stuff I’m learning. But thanks for that!


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