I Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Part 1

Wow….it’s been forever! A lot to catch up on.

Let’s start with the family stuff. We are going on week 7 of having the kids. Normally our schedule is one week on, one off.  Red got a job (FUCKING FINALLY) that required him to be out of state for training.  He agreed to letting me have the blondies that week while Stripe kept the brownies. Week 1 was our week, week 2 was blondies and then week 3 ours again….then the car trouble hit. Red was home for 2 days and sent back out for training, supposedly. This was the week before Mother’s day. Her car barely started up that Monday. She let Papa know what was going on and we decided to go ahead and take the kids the next day to make sure they would get back and forth to school. We heard through the kids that there wasn’t much food in their house anyway so we were happy they were with us. The week goes by and Papa checks to see if she is still planning on having the brownies for Mother’s day, He also asked about the food situation. Stripe confessed she did want the kids but there wasn’t much to eat. This entire time, Red is out of town and she’s stuck with a truck that doesn’t work and a car she cannot drive because it’s a manual. Papa does the right thing and buys her groceries for the weekend so that she can spend her mother’s day with all 3 of her kids. In the meantime, her mom comes down and buys her a battery (I forgot to throw in there that they couldn’t afford one this whole time, that his check got messed up….as if I hadn’t heard that 300 times when Red and I were together) because that’s what they’re figuring is wrong with it. Neither of them can get the old one out to test the new one. Next day Papa goes over to see….He gets the new battery in and still nothing. Truck doesn’t start. It’s not the battery.

That week passes and we once again have the kids, because, you know…their truck. After 4 weeks of training in North Carolina, Red finally comes home. Stripe calls my parents (MY PARENTS) to pick his sorry ass up at the airport (we’re all guessing they’re so broke at this point they can’t afford an Uber from the airport). This was the second call to my parents. The first being Mother’s day weekend, Red had the brass balls to call my parents asking if they could take Stripe to get a battery for the truck. Mom and I both knew that was code for my parents footing the bill. I was slightly livid at that one. Like I said…brass balls that one has. So he’s back….and still no truck. Next week is the last week of school and Red told me we might as well figure on keeping the kids through Thursday because they have to get the truck towed into a shop and figure out how to fix it. Stripe admitted to Papa that she intends on asking her mom to help fix the truck, the same woman who has been supporting them since last November but swears she’s done doing that. Wait a minute….didn’t Red mention to my parents on that glorious ride from the airport that he’s making $31/hour? Sure…and he’s also selling this lovely bridge in London. :sigh:

This entire time we have been utterly flabbergasted by how neither of them have seemed bothered by not having 5 of their kids around for so many weeks but just a weekend thrown in on ocassion. Hardly a mention of how much they miss them or even questioning whether we can shuttle them back and forth on their weeks. They just too willingly gave up their kids for nearly the past 2 months. I think she’s been looking at this as a vacation.  Yes she still has a 16-month old at home but that’s still 5 less kids to deal with! Not to mention that we have had to make the arrangements to drop the kids off to them on weekends and no push back about taking them back on Memorial day when there was no school.  For two people who swear these kids are their life,  it’s been eerily quiet and uncontested. 

Whatever the case is, only time will tell. It’ll be interesting to see if her mom stands by her word or gives in to fix their truck.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Part 1

  1. The poor kids…. at least you are leading by example. They will make up their own decisions about their parents and it won’t be based on negative words but positive actions! Keep it positive and try not to snoop around too too much. ❤️❤️❤️

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