Part 1: Nutty Betty

A lot has happened in the last month since the foursome. Betty and Jackie have essentially parted ways. We are no longer seeing Betty but are now seeing Jackie. Betty has gone off the deep end. Blue and Betty are no longer seeing each other but Jackie has admitted to developing feelings for Blue…

Let’s back up to the night before the foursome where Betty, Jackie and Blue got together and Betty had a total meltdown. Jackie and Blue kissed upon meeting and Jackie said she felt a spark, a connection between the two of them. Betty kept saying she felt it was because Jackie was the shiny new toy and Blue was way more interested in playing with the new toy than her. From Jackie’s perspective, he may have paid her a little more attention than he should have but Betty also failed to 1. say anything at all 2. say the safe word that Blue and her had agreed upon 3. she just got up and left without saying anything so the whole night was just a total fucking bust. The next night, Betty and Jackie hooked up with us. It was a great night, everything seemed fine, everyone went home and to bed happy and satisfied. The next day, all hell broke loose…

However the conversation started, whoever asked the questions or offered up the admission but Jackie admitted to feeling something for Blue. Up until the night of the foursome, Betty had not really admitted to anyone that she might have feelings for Blue until Papa kind of cornered her. She still tried to deny it but got the eyebrows look until she did. Maybe that was the moment Betty actually admitted it to herself as well. Papa and I had known it for a while now, even if she didn’t. This is where it goes a little crazy… Apparently, Betty considered the hook-ups with Blue dates. She believed she was dating him so when Jackie admitted to having feelings for Blue as well, the shit hit the fan. Betty went batshit crazy. All of a sudden it turned into Jackie stealing Betty’s boyfriend and Betty being absolutely crushed over the whole thing. Betty and Blue were not boyfriend/girlfriend. They weren’t even dating. They were fucking. FUCKING. He’s a swinger. A fucking swinger who plays with women behind his ACTUAL girlfriend’s back. That’s right, he has a girlfriend, a live-in girlfriend. At this point, Papa and I start talking to Jackie on our own and we actually find out some interesting things about Betty. It turns out Betty tells half-truths. She tells the version of the story that completely leaves out where she was a part of the problem. Betty is great at making herself out to be the victim. I cannot stress enough how crazy and dramatic this situation has been blown into by Betty. Hours and hours spent texting and talking about how betrayed she feels by Jackie. Hours and hours and hours. This is not an exaggeration. I have tried my best to remain neutral but the more she harped on how Jackie stole her boyfriend and the only thing she can do is step aside and let them be happy, the more I’ve pulled away from her and my responses have gotten less supportive.

To sum up some of the insanity: Betty stalked Blue on Facebook, threatened to message his girlfriend and tell her all about the affair. It was just a threat, but still. Five weeks of talking to/knowing/fucking Blue have now turned into a three-month relationship. Blue went over to Betty’s place to settle everything down, hash it out, say their good-byes and tell her he was sorry that it ended how it did. Betty claims they fucked. Blue denies it, saying he couldn’t get it up (still an admission of he TRIED). At one point, Betty told Jackie that he couldn’t get hard as well but then came back and told me days later again that they did have sex. It’s a total he said/she said situation. The kicker that finally broke me was the other morning I woke up to a text from Betty saying she emailed Blue that she was going to mail him his shit. Again, a threat to make sure his girlfriend would find out. Now, to fully understand how insane this is, this was days after she had seemingly gone quiet and kept claiming she was doing better, getting over all this crap and moving on. I finally wrote her a long text essentially telling her this has got to stop in as nice a way as I could.

Remember when Alisha Silverstone was big in the early 90s? She did a movie with Cary Elwes where her parents were pretty well off and renting an apartment over their garage. She’s a teenager who develops a mad crush on him. It seems kind of innocent at first until it gets creepier and creepier. She makes advances on him, gets insanely jealous of his new girlfriend and tries to get her killed, fakes being raped by him, etc etc. Betty kind of reminds me of that movie. This made-up relationship between the teacher and the teenage girl in her head drives her do crazy things. Though I’m not entirely sure Betty is that extreme (HOPE NOT) but not too many shades away, really.

Truthfully, we have never encountered a unicorn with so much drama. Drama, drama, drama. It’s been exhausting. After that text that I sent her, it’s been quiet. Blissfully quiet. Though I’m still a little nervous about that.


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