Part IV: Singing the Blues

The night before we went up to see Jackie, unbeknownst to us until the next day, the shit hit the fan.

On our way up, we found out a little bit of what happened. Betty, a.k.a. Crazy Pants, had wrecked shit up. Immediately upon hearing that we blocked her on Facebook. Before all the Blue drama, we thought of her as a friend and felt safe enough to add her on our social media. WRONG. This was Crazy Pants we’re talking about apparently. The reason why we no longer felt safe to have her as a “friend” was she used Facebook as her weapon against Blue.

Blue was dumb enough to let Betty catch his last name and once she had that, she stalked him and his girlfriend on Facebook. She told me this once and admitted to threatening to message his girlfriend but swore she would never do it because she’s not that kind of person, she said. Whether he deserved it or not, whether the girlfriend deserved to know, it was not her place to destroy whatever they had. He stays with her for a reason and she stays with him for a reason. There are levels of being a homewrecker and her reasons behind it make her level the darkest. It wasn’t that she felt guilty, it wasn’t that she didn’t know from the beginning and had just found out, it was simply because she was jealous and vindictive. If she couldn’t have Blue, by god, Jackie wasn’t going to have him either. Sheer angry, jealous spite.

Betty got drunk that night. I had seen on Facebook that she was going to her favorite 80’s club to dance and drink. I was only half surprised at the trouble it caused. When Crazy Pants gets drunk, she gets angrier, crazier and ballsy. She went ahead and messaged (we’ll call her Vicky, Blue’s girlfriend) Vicky and told her everything she knew and even embellished some, which made it even worse. Blue panicked, which is kind of contradictory to the promise of moving out and no longer wanting to be in a relationship with Vicky. Jackie noticed….but then came more. He started messaging Jackie with a cover story. At one point, he had given Vicky Jackie’s number and told Vicky to call her for the real story because he was desperate to convince Vicky that everything Betty had said was lies. It took Jackie a little bit to see it but amidst the dramatic chaos, Blue was a big, fat, lying cheater with zero intention of moving out, moving on or having Jackie for anything more than just a swing partner.

Blue was chicken shit enough to give Vicky Jackie’s phone number, and Betty’s and somehow she ended up with Jackie’s husband’s number as well, who talked to her at length about Blue and their relationship. He ended up being Vicky’s counselor of sorts. It’s all an odd, tangled web.

In the end, we believe Blue is still with Vicky. He threatened to kill himself if she left. I feel there are problems there, beyond his lies and inability to stay faithful to her. But then again, there’s problems with her, willing to stay with someone like that. Jackie was a little heart-broken over him, hoping he was going to be and do what he said he would but she’s ok now. Why wouldn’t she be? She has us ::big smile::

Part III: More Than Two

I don’t know how this happened,  I can barely grasp onto what is happening because part of me is still in shock. It’s actually a little fuzzy. 

Papa, Jackie and I have gotten close. Somewhere along the last month, Papa and I have developed feelings for her. I don’t even really know how the conversation started but it came out that we both really like her. Then came the big question. Do we approach her with this? We went back and forth, back and forth and finally decided on approaching her with it. I was super nervous. She knows our background and was not surprised because ::SHOCK:: she felt the same way. Jackie likes us both as well.

I can’t exactly say we’ve gone slow but taken it one step (quick steps) at a time.  We expressed our feelings, showed the interest, expressed more feelings and finally have said we want her as our girlfriend.  Jackie has taken each and every step with us and certainly has not shied away in any sense. In fact she even came down to spend a couple of nights with us.

Jackie lives about 4 hours north of where we are. Originally she would drive down to see Betty but since that has crumbled, she now can come stay with us instead. She came on a Sunday because she didn’t have to work until Tuesday afternoon. We enjoyed each other’s company immensely.  It felt comfortable, natural, definitely not forced.  I’m usually quiet, a little self conscious of everything I say and do, even slightly nervous with someone new around. I can honestly say I wasn’t feeling the majority of that.  Maybe a slight little bit but no where near what I would normally.  It just felt too natural to have Jackie around. We got the bed situation set up in our room, naturally we wanted her to sleep with us. Once that was done, we physically expressed our feelings to one another. Again, it feels different with Jackie. Papa and her both say the same, it feels fluid and natural, like we’ve all been together for much, much longer. I don’t have any of my usual freak-out moments, none of those feelings come up with her.  They haven’t from the beginning, from the very first time.

That was 2 weeks ago. We just came home from visiting Jackie this afternoon. We spent one night with her, one very nice night.  A lot of drama surrounded the visit but none of it had to do with us. More to come with that.

Leading up to us driving up there, we’ve had some semi-serious talks regarding what we’re doing, what we want, what Jackie wants, what she’s doing. In essence, we came into her life in a very messy, confusing time.  But with that said, she wants to continue to see us and to see where this takes us. So here we are again at the crazy train boarding station, we’ve gone aboard and seated comfortably and now just waiting  to see where we are headed.  

Part II: Ballsy Blue

As I mentioned, Jackie and Blue felt drawn to each other and they felt they owed it to themselves to try and figure it out. Of course, this crushed Betty, when in reality, she’s just jealous that Blue seems to like Jackie more then he liked her when she’s the one who’s totally sprung on him. Blue and Jackie have since started talking and getting to know each other more intimately.

I’m skeptical of Blue, very skeptical. My gut instinct is telling me he’s a player, he stalks out single women to play with on the side (remember he has a live-in girlfriend). He’s been in the swinging scene for 20+ years, most of that with his ex-wife. Now they’re divorced. He met his current girlfriend through the swing lifestyle as well but she has since decided she doesn’t want to swing anymore. How in the world she thinks she can take a seasoned swinger such as himself and force him into a monogamous relationship basically is beyond me. If he willingly gave it up, that’s one thing, but forcing him to be mono, not going to happen. And then be crushed to discover he’s playing around on the side? However, these are no excuses for him. He decided to move in with her, he’s stayed with her so he’s being just plain dishonest.

Betty turned their 5-week affair into a 3-month relationship where she claims she was his girl and he says she wasn’t. In that 5-week span, they went to a popular swing club that Blue has a membership to a number of times and played there, of course. Before the night that involved Jackie, there was another incident that she flipped out about. Apparently they were messing around at the club and another couple came into the room and started messing around as well. However he got the signal or permission, Blue went over to the other lady and started going down on her. Betty claims he totally got up and abandoned her, Blue claims he tried to take her with him but she refused and hung back so he went ahead because, again,  no word from her. No indication that she wasn’t comfortable with it. Betty ended up gathering her things together and storming out after slamming doors and throwing his stuff around, so the story goes. She’s too jealous, possessive, and insecure to be swinging with someone she has developed feelings for.

I don’t know what he does to these women. Both Betty and Jackie have said the same thing. There’s just something about him. He’s so calm and easy to be around blah blah blah. When he’s with them, he’s funny, charming and showers them with attention. When they’re not together, he’s almost silent, uncommunicative and short. His texts are barely worth reading. I know this because both Betty and Jackie have shown me conversations with him. I’ve also told them both that if that were me, I’d be long gone. I need way more attention and communication that he gives. I cannot stand the crazy short answers and lack of affection. Something else about all this….the  man has two phones. This is how far he’s gone to conceal his affairs. Betty used to call his second phone, the Batphone, because when he’s home or with his girlfriend, the Batphone is off and hidden away. We know this because on Kik, if the receiver’s phone is off, when messages are sent, they will simply say “s” for sent. But if the phone is on, it will say “d” for delivered and of course “r” for read. The only sort of communication he keeps up when the Batphone is off is email that he keeps on his regular phone.

Papa and I finally met him, with Jackie (more to come surrounding all that in Part III). Blue is charming, he has great eyes and a nice smile but I still don’t see how these women have fallen so hard for him. Again, my instinct is telling me different. He tells Jackie he loves her, wants to be with her, showers her with all this love and affection in person but as soon as they’re apart, it goes back to the short answers and nearly non-existent communication. It’s starting to wear on Jackie a little bit. She needs affection, attention and communication and he’s just not providing it. Even after she told him in person she needed more from him and he promised and said he would make the effort. Now since we have met him, he’s been texting Papa and me on the side. Jackie is aware of all this. There are times when he will be texting me and not Jackie. That bothers me. If he’s so infatuated with her, shouldn’t he be making more of an effort to chat with her, let her know he’s thinking about her and not chatting it up with me? She’s asked and I’ve been honest, telling her what time he’s sent me messages, when the last message I’ve gotten was, etc etc. I know it upsets her, I can feel it. It would upset me too. She’s asked me if I think she’s being too over-emotional and I honestly answered, NO. In fact, Jackie is being calmer than I would be. The conversations between Blue and I have been mostly about Betty, he’s apologized a number of times for her actions and I keep telling him, he has nothing to apologize for. It was her actions, her insanity. Yes, it’s surrounding him but in the end, it’s her who went cuckoo. The other part that bothers me is the conversations between him and I have been longer and fuller than with Jackie. I get whole sentences and paragraphs, while she gets emojis and a few words at a time. He also mentioned last night that he went to buy Jackie and me a toy at the sex store he frequents. He did the exact thing with Betty, which is also a red flag for me because the pattern is surfacing. Being in the lifestyle for so long, we think he’s trying to set up for a foursome, which neither of us are even remotely interested in. Is he looking at Jackie as a long-term commitment or just another playmate to stay in the life?

We have both been honest with Jackie, trying to help her along in her struggle with Blue. He’s promised her that he will be moving out of his girlfriend’s house at the end of summer. No other specific date, just the end of summer. Do I believe that? Mostly no. I think he tells a lot of stories. He is charming and very talkative in person with a lot of great stories between his adventure-filled work he has now retired from and all the years swinging (again, another red flag because he is not the same in text as he is in person). Upon meeting him, we all went to dinner together. At the diner, he ran into a guy who works with his girlfriend who was also out to dinner with a gentleman that used to work with his father. Blue was sweating buckets. He disappeared from our table for a short time while he chatted with that other group. When he came back, he was sweaty and obviously nervous. Except Jackie couldn’t quite nail down an answer from him who he was more nervous about, the dude that worked with his girlfriend or the guy who knew his dad. He blew off the question about whether his dad knew of the troubles between his girlfriend and him, though he did answer it the second time Jackie asked. It still didn’t feel truthful. When someone says, “oh yea yea yea he knows” and quickly follows it up with another sentence to distract, it’s yet another flag.

Both of us are becoming protective of Jackie. My feelings are telling me her and Blue are headed for a disaster and I honestly don’t know how to feel about that because we kind of want her for ourselves..


Part I: Nutty Betty

A lot has happened in the last month since the foursome. Betty and Jackie have essentially parted ways. We are no longer seeing Betty but are now seeing Jackie. Betty has gone off the deep end. Blue and Betty are no longer seeing each other but Jackie has admitted to developing feelings for Blue…

Let’s back up to the night before the foursome where Betty, Jackie and Blue got together and Betty had a total meltdown. Jackie and Blue kissed upon meeting and Jackie said she felt a spark, a connection between the two of them. Betty kept saying she felt it was because Jackie was the shiny new toy and Blue was way more interested in playing with the new toy than her. From Jackie’s perspective, he may have paid her a little more attention than he should have but Betty also failed to 1. say anything at all 2. say the safe word that Blue and her had agreed upon 3. she just got up and left without saying anything so the whole night was just a total fucking bust. The next night, Betty and Jackie hooked up with us. It was a great night, everything seemed fine, everyone went home and to bed happy and satisfied. The next day, all hell broke loose…

However the conversation started, whoever asked the questions or offered up the admission but Jackie admitted to feeling something for Blue. Up until the night of the foursome, Betty had not really admitted to anyone that she might have feelings for Blue until Papa kind of cornered her. She still tried to deny it but got the eyebrows look until she did. Maybe that was the moment Betty actually admitted it to herself as well. Papa and I had known it for a while now, even if she didn’t. This is where it goes a little crazy… Apparently, Betty considered the hook-ups with Blue dates. She believed she was dating him so when Jackie admitted to having feelings for Blue as well, the shit hit the fan. Betty went batshit crazy. All of a sudden it turned into Jackie stealing Betty’s boyfriend and Betty being absolutely crushed over the whole thing. Betty and Blue were not boyfriend/girlfriend. They weren’t even dating. They were fucking. FUCKING. He’s a swinger. A fucking swinger who plays with women behind his ACTUAL girlfriend’s back. That’s right, he has a girlfriend, a live-in girlfriend. At this point, Papa and I start talking to Jackie on our own and we actually find out some interesting things about Betty. It turns out Betty tells half-truths. She tells the version of the story that completely leaves out where she was a part of the problem. Betty is great at making herself out to be the victim. I cannot stress enough how crazy and dramatic this situation has been blown into by Betty. Hours and hours spent texting and talking about how betrayed she feels by Jackie. Hours and hours and hours. This is not an exaggeration. I have tried my best to remain neutral but the more she harped on how Jackie stole her boyfriend and the only thing she can do is step aside and let them be happy, the more I’ve pulled away from her and my responses have gotten less supportive.

To sum up some of the insanity: Betty stalked Blue on Facebook, threatened to message his girlfriend and tell her all about the affair. It was just a threat, but still. Five weeks of talking to/knowing/fucking Blue have now turned into a three-month relationship. Blue went over to Betty’s place to settle everything down, hash it out, say their good-byes and tell her he was sorry that it ended how it did. Betty claims they fucked. Blue denies it, saying he couldn’t get it up (still an admission of he TRIED). At one point, Betty told Jackie that he couldn’t get hard as well but then came back and told me days later again that they did have sex. It’s a total he said/she said situation. The kicker that finally broke me was the other morning I woke up to a text from Betty saying she emailed Blue that she was going to mail him his shit. Again, a threat to make sure his girlfriend would find out. Now, to fully understand how insane this is, this was days after she had seemingly gone quiet and kept claiming she was doing better, getting over all this crap and moving on. I finally wrote her a long text essentially telling her this has got to stop in as nice a way as I could.

Remember when Alisha Silverstone was big in the early 90s? She did a movie with Cary Elwes where her parents were pretty well off and renting an apartment over their garage. She’s a teenager who develops a mad crush on him. It seems kind of innocent at first until it gets creepier and creepier. She makes advances on him, gets insanely jealous of his new girlfriend and tries to get her killed, fakes being raped by him, etc etc. Betty kind of reminds me of that movie. This made-up relationship between the teacher and the teenage girl in her head drives her do crazy things. Though I’m not entirely sure Betty is that extreme (HOPE NOT) but not too many shades away, really.

Truthfully, we have never encountered a unicorn with so much drama. Drama, drama, drama. It’s been exhausting. After that text that I sent her, it’s been quiet. Blissfully quiet. Though I’m still a little nervous about that.


The Unicorn I wrote about in A *Real* Unicorn has since visited us 5….6…times? Something like that, and I have become quite fond of her. We play well together, the chemistry is good and she’s very fun in bed. I did work on my bullshit and it has worked out very well since then . A little background on her…

She’s 46, divorced with a grown child who doesn’t live with her. She works full time to support herself and also has a side business where she bakes. Therefore we shall officially name her Betty. We met Betty in our second go-around in the swingers chat. Papa started messaging her and I told Him I thought she was with someone. Turns out she was, kinda.  They were FWB. He’s married and they have been seeing each other for a couple of years. Papa was like, well, she said she plays on her own…so we continued the chat. A few days later, we met. I freaked, calmed down and she came back a couple days after that and we played again. It took to the 3rd play session for me to really relax and enjoy myself and once that happened, it’s been amazing ever since. Betty is very bi, a little submissive but giving and lots of fun. Being in the chat, she has also met another guy. In the midst of all that, her original FWB has since put two and two together and figured out she’s met her other fellow and us and totally bailed on her. They had never had any agreement on this, not to mention again that he’s fucking married, so it’s a little messed up. At first, Betty was agitated and I think a little butt hurt but has moved past it pretty quickly.  Especially since she has enough to play around with anyway. In the beginning she did mention that she has a past with one of her cousins. Before anyone really judges, this cousin is by marriage, not blood! They have had some interesting nights together.  Oh, and I should mention here that the cousin is also a woman. Let’s call her Jackie, since she’s a nurse. The other gentleman that Betty has recently met is a seasoned swinger who has a live-in girlfriend whom he met through swinging but has since stopped swinging. He cannot stop….and unfortunately does his own thing on the side. Betty tries to keep her emotions in check when it comes to him but it’s hard. She definitely has a thing for him and even proposed having a foursome with us but we have left that one alone because of her feelings for him. 

A week or so ago, Betty mentioned that Jackie was coming to visit her. Jackie lives about 4 hours north of us. I sort of kidded around saying she should bring Jackie over to meet us. Betty didn’t say much about it and I let it go,  thinking they had plans or what-not. Well, the weekend comes and Jackie is here. That Friday,  Papa and I met up with some of our platonic friends for snacks and drinks and to socialize. It was a nice adult evening. Then Saturday comes around. It’s a relaxed day, even though Papa worked through half of it. I did laundry and lounged around while talking to Betty off and on. She was a little short and not her talkative bubbly self but we chalked it up to Jackie being with her. As the day wore on, it came up that they didn’t have much to do so Papa and I invited them to our house. He would cook and Betty would make dessert. Perfect. 

Betty and Jackie come over. Instant attraction. We got out drinks and started chatting. The four of us got along very well. Jackie fit right in. There was a lot of flirting, swapping swinging stories, laughing, A LOT of laughing. Papa and I had no idea what they had been up to the night before. Well, it starts to come out in bits and pieces. Eventually Papa just straight asks Betty what went on. So it unfolds..

They met up with the man that Betty has been kind of casually seeing but has developed feelings for. Since he’s a retired cop, we can call him Blue. Apparently they went to the local swinger club where he has a membership and has taken Betty there already a couple of times. Long story short, they start messing around, all three of them but Betty ends up feeling left out. She said Blue ended up in the middle and paying most of his attention to Jackie and she felt like she didn’t even need to be there, that he didn’t care if she was there or not, so she stormed out. Jackie said she even noticed it, it wasn’t all in Betty’s head. Jackie felt like she had to direct more of Blue’s attention to Betty since he wasn’t dividing it well. Betty drove so, as one can imagine, the ride home was not too comfortable. She refused to talk to Blue about any of it but he refused to admit even if he wasn’t in the wrong, that she ended up feeling that way.  It just ended up being a bad night. 

I learned later that Papa went ahead and asked Jackie if she was down to play while Betty and I were in the kitchen, which is why I got the thumbs up or down question a little while later in the evening. That surprised me, considering what had transpired the night before but who was I to argue. It was kind of a slow start with Papa at Jackie’s feet and me with Betty. But once it did…

Jackie and Papa started making out while Betty and I did the same, removing articles of clothing as well. Jackie had on a strapless summer dress that never came off,  just slipped off the appropriate areas for access. As Betty and I were starting to get a little hot and heavy, Papa suggested we switch so I could have some time with our newest friend. The rest of my clothes came off as I ventured over to her and Papa joined up with Betty. Jackie’s kisses were amazing. Sweet and soft yet slightly aggressive. Seeing as this was my one biggest fantasy, which amazingly now included my Husband since all us girls were bisexual,  I was already turned on but Jackie’s kisses and touches pushed it even further.  I had to taste her. She laid back on the couch as I spread her legs apart and eagerly dived into her sweet, wet pussy. I could hear Betty moaning as Papa was eating her out at the same time. Another huge turn on. Who would have imagined this happening? I heard Betty coming loudly and shortly after Papa was up on the couch with His cock in Jackie’s mouth when I felt Betty’s fingers start to play with my own pussy. I let Papa take over as Betty pushed me back on the other side of the couch, telling me it was my turn. Who am I to say no? Betty went down on me, her soft and gentle pussy eating familiar and very pleasurable. Across the way, Papa’s head was between Jackie’s legs at the same time. It wasn’t long before Betty had gotten me to come more than a couple of times and then somehow, Jackie had come over to me and firmly planted herself between my legs as well. Betty was on the couch with me so I started fingering her at the same time. Papa made His way to behind Jackie and slid His cock into her. What a sight that was. The thrusting motion of Papa into Jackie and Jackie’s tongue in my pussy brought on more orgasmic waves as my fingers rubbed Betty’s soft and wet insides. With all that, came the end of the night. At least the sex part. 

Jackie ended up back on the other side of the couch from me and Papa next to her.  I was feeling amazing, happy and comfortable which led me to snuggling up with Betty. Papa said that was actually His favorite part of the whole night. Seeing me comfortable enough to cuddle with Betty while He was cuddled up with Jackie. There were no twinges, no bad feelings at all. It was an absolutely amazing evening, something that not many people, even those who have been in the lifestyle for many years, get to experience. As I said, amazing!