We have been through a strange, painful journey to get to the rewarding place we are in now. I am Papa’s submissive, little and wife. We come from poly a background, which ultimately broke up our marriages and now are we are together….and so are our ex’s…and they have a baby together. There are five children between the families, not including theirs. At best, we tolerate each other.

I starting writing to express myself during my first poly experience with my ex-husband and I continue to write as a tribute to my Master as well as expressing my thoughts and feelings. I write about our family, our drama, our experiences and of course, my deep love and appreciation for Papa.

He has helped me to discover more of myself in the past year and a half than I have ever known before. I am forever grateful to Him for that as I feel more content with my life, marriage and myself than I could have ever imagined.